The Cognitive Science Laboratories have research links with a number of overseas institutions and colleagues. Some of our collaborative projects are sponsored by a "Linkage International Grant" from the Australian Research Council, which enables mutual visits between researchers from W.A. and overseas.

Gordon Brown (University of Warwick)

Gordon is involved in the work on short-term memory, with a particular emphasis on the role of time during encoding and forgetting.

Thomas Griffiths (UC Berkeley)

Tom developed the Bayesian iterated learning model which now enables us to understand "diffusion chains" in which people learn from each other across multiple generations.

Michael Kalish (University of Louisiana)

Mike has been part of the iterated-learning project since its inception, and before that he was actively involved in all category learning projects.

Klaus Oberauer (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

Klaus is contributing to many projects involving short-term memory and working memory, with a particular emphasis on memory updating.

Werner Stritzke (University of Western Australia)

Werner shares an interest in memory updating process, with particular reference to how they affect people's perception of current world events.

Lee-Xieng Yang (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)

LX is involved in the latest categorization project which seeks to relate individual differences in working memory to categorization performance and strategy choice.

Hubert Zimmer (Saarland University, Germany)

Hubert is Ulli's PhD supervisor and continues to be involved in his research on feature binding in memory.

Murray Maybery (University of Western Australia)

Murray collaborates with Ulli on projects investigating feature binding and the role of time in forgetting and memory updating.


In addition to those formal collaborators, our lab is linked to a number of researchers in Australia and abroad who share common interests. If you are interested in cognitive science in Australia, you may wish to explore the links below.

Scott Brown (University of Newcastle)

John C Dunn (University of Western Australia)

Brett Hayes (University of New South Wales)

Andrew Heathcote (University of Newcastle)

Michael Humphreys (University of Queensland)

Dan Navarro (University of Adelaide)

Ben Newell (University of New South Wales)

Amy Perfors (University of Adelaide)

Philip Smith (University of Melbourne)