Dr Mark Hurlstone

Research Associate

A complete vita will be available soon


I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Leicester
before going onto to complete a Master's degree in Reading, Language, and Cognition
followed by a PhD on short-term memory (supervisors: Graham Hitch and Alan Baddeley),
both at the University of York.
After a brief post-doctoral stint at Cardiff University working on auditory distraction
(with Rob Hughes and Dylan Jones), I moved to the University of Western Australia,
where I am currently a Research Associate.

Research Interests

Human memory: short-term and long-term memory; serial recall memory;
free recall memory; sequence learning; relationship between time and memory.

Cognitive modelling: computational and mathematical modelling of cognitive processes;
model evaluation and selection issues; models of choice behaviour and response time.

Sequence processing in nonhuman primates: memory for serial order;
sequential learning; transitive inference.