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Dr. Ullrich Ecker

Associate Professor in The School of Psychological Science, at The University of Western Australia.
A complete vita is available here.

"Between Geniuses" (with Klaus Oberauer and Steve Lewandowsky)

Here is a PowerPoint presentation on myth debunking for educators and science communicators

Research Interests

Human memory (episodic memory; recognition memory; implicit memory; working memory)
Memory updating and the continued influence of misinformation
Feature binding & perceptual specificity of memory
Event-related potentials
Computational modelling

Awards, Grants and Fellowships

2016-2019 "The psychology of misinformation—Towards a theory-driven understanding";
ARC Discovery Project, $434,200
2015 Runner-up, UWA Faculty of Science Rising Star Award
2014 UWA Vice Chancellor's Mid-Career Research Award
2013 WUN Research Development Award, "Responding and adapting to climate change:
Recognizing and managing uncertainty in the physical, social, and public spheres"
(chief investigator S Lewandowsky), GBP13,300
2013 UWA Research Collaboration Award, "Memory Models and Neuroimaging", AU$19,000
2012 UWA Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences' Excellence in Coursework Teaching Award
(Early Career), $1,500
2011 UWA Outstanding Young Investigator Award, $2,000
2011-2015 ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship
2011-2015 "Memory consolidation - Integrating cognitive science and neuroscience approaches
to how we remember and how we forget" ; ARC Discovery Project, $422,000
2009 "Intrinsic & Extrinsic Binding in Working Memory"; UWA Research Development Award; $20,000
2009-2010 UWA School of Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Development Program; $27,000


Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein
The future will be better tomorrow. Dan Quayle
Never stand between a dog and a tree. From a fortune cookie :-)